Unleash your car's hidden potential with a custom dyno tune

Using the state of the art equipment and tools, AME has grown to be recognized in the Automotive Industry with over 15 years of knowledge and experience. Our technicians are highly skilled in automotive repairs with vast knowledge in all makes and models. Here at AME, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, making sure every car is completed on time and won’t stop until the customer leaves satisfied.



Sydney's premier European service and performance centre. Our technicians have vast experience specialising in all European models.



We specialise in servicing all European models. This includes logbook servicing, routine maintenance servicing, vehicle repairs, and general vehicle care.



Vehicle dyno tuning is a specialty at AME CPI. No matter what European model, we have the
perfect performance solution to satisfy your needs.



Looking for more performance?
We recommend only the best, giving our customers peace of mind that their car is in good

How it works

Car Tuning Process

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Step 1: Customer Consultation

To achieve the best result, we need to know about you, your car and your goals. Armed with this information, we can better customise the tune to suit you. This allows us to tune the car specifically to your requirements. You’ll also get the chance to ask any questions you may have.

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Step 2: Pre Dyno Tune Checkup - Pre tune checkup

This starts with basics like ensuring oil and fluid levels are topped up. We take the inspection a little deeper, checking for common problems that can cause delays and headaches on the dyno. Simple however crucial checks can include intake pressure testing, fuel flow testing and spark plug inspection.

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Step 3: Dyno and Monitoring Equipment

We fit your car to the dyno, and fit engine monitoring equipment to ensure a safe and optimal tune is achieved.

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Step 4: ECU Setup

We configure the ECU to suit your requirements using our experience and expertise.

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Step 5: Cruise & Light load Dyno Tuning

We begin by adjusting the tune in the area where most cars spend 95% of their lives, in the light load zones.

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Step 6: Full Power Dyno Tuning

We tune through the entire rev range to optimize torque by adjusting the fuel, ignition and boost the engine runs on.

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Step 7: Throttle Optimisation

Once power has been achieved, throttle pump settings are adjusted to ensure when you stab the accelerator there is smooth and quick power delivery.

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Step 8: Cold Start

Where required we leave the car on the dyno overnight so it can completely cool down. We then run it up to ensure good starting and validate the consistency of the tune from cold.

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Step 9: Road Test

The vehicle is driven on the road and tune adjusted as required to ensure a well performing tune in a real world situation.

Custom Dyno Tuning

We are Passionate
About Performance

Whether you want your car to be daily driven or to be taken to the race track, the team at AME are committed to turning your dream into a reality


To achieve the best result, we need to know about you, your car and your goals. Armed with this information, we can better customise the tune to suit you. This allows us to tune the car specifically to your requirements.

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Customer comes first

Here at AME, we cater to all service requirements, starting from logbook servicing to all cars, right through to performance upgrades. Using only genuine parts, we make sure every car stays within Manufacture specifications while keeping in warranty standards.
We understand every car is someone’s pride and joy, That’s why we take our time in achieving all customer requirements in a timely manner.

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Highly skilled mechanics

Expertly trained car mechanics specialising in European car servicing.

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Log Book Servicing

Servicing all European car models while retaining your factory warranty.

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Performance Boost

Drastically increase horsepower and torque, making for an exceptionally quicker and more exciting vehicle.

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This is your one stop shop! Enquire today about tinting and/or wrapping your pride and joy.


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