Passionate about performance

Need more power? More performance?

Need more power? More performance? We offer a variety of ECU tuning,performance modifications and upgrades.
CPI ECU and TCU Upgrades recalibrate your engine or transmission controller to deliver more power, rev higher, shift faster, accelerate faster, improve performance, and improve the overall driving experience. Essentially
both upgrades are software that is calibrated on your vehicle’s factory computer. The software controls the way the engine, or transmission operates.

These upgrades are commonly referred to as a tune, remap, calibration, chip upgrade, reflash, reburn, or one of several other names.
They are among the first modifications you should consider for your vehicles as they deliver the most impactful difference you can feel and measure for the money.

On our mainline dyno, wiith an efficient and streamlined tuning process, we give your vehicle more power and torque while ensuring and maintaining the factory safety parameters.

At AME CPI we can tune just about anything including Volkswagen, Audi,Porsche, Skoda, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, AMG, Range Rover, BMW, Lamborghini, Ferrari, GTR, Bentley and many more.